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Custom Engineered Solutions

Custom Engineered Solutions for Specialized & Complex Applications

At Astro Tool, we understand that innovation requires thinking outside the box. For those occasions when one of our products do not meet your specialized crimping or I/R needs we will be happy to help you design a solution that will.

Our group of engineers has over 40 years of experience in the connector assembly tooling industry, and we are eager to share our knowledge. We utilize the latest in CAD and FEA software, coupled with a comprehensive testing lab, which enables us to create effective solutions with the highest level of confidence.

Astro Tool’s ability to provide quick, low cost, turnkey solutions is a result of being a vertically aligned manufacturer. Our in house capabilities include design and testing, as well as manufacturing and assembly, allowing us to take an idea from concept to finished product, all under one roof.

The next time you need a custom solution, please think Astro!

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