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First Patent

Stephen Buchanan enters the market with the first indent crimp tool patent.

First Military Standard Tool

The first Military Standard crimp tool (MS3191) is released. This tool is still manufactured by Astro.

Astro is Incorporated

Astro is incorporated in California and begins manufacturing precision tools for connectors.

Buchanan listed in first Qualified Parts Listing (QPL)

Buchanan is listed in first Qualified Products Listing (QPL-22520).

Second Military Standard

1971 Military Standard (MIL-T-22520) is issued.

Buchanan adds Pneumatic Tools

Buchanan adds pneumatic tools to its product line.

Buchanan is sold to the Amerace Corp

Buchanan is sold to Amerace Corp, a manufacturer of aerospace lighting, transformers and cable connectors.

Astro Acquires Buchanan Crimp Tools from Amerace

Astro Tool acquires the assets and all crimp tool products from the Amerace Corp. and Astro moves all tool production to Oregon.

Astro Changes Brand Name from “Buchanan” to “Astro”

Astro rebrands the Buchanan tools as “Astro”.

Astro Receives QPL Status

Astro meets the requirements of the Qualified Product Listing and receives QPL status on MIL-C-22520.

Astro Adds Large Gage Crimp Tool

Astro adds its large gauge crimp tool and accessories to M22520/23 QPL.

Astro Adds M22520/40-01 and Receives QPL 2010

Astro adds the M22520/40-01 crimp tool and receives QPL listing.

Astro Updates the M22520/2 and /7

Astro updates the M22520/2 and /7 in order to make them more user-friendly and ergonomic.

Astro Introduces Electronic Crimp Tool

Astro introduces an innovative electronic equipped crimp tool.

Astro Receives Approval from Boeing for 787 Wiring Maintenance Kit 2014

Astro receives approval from Boeing to design and supply an authorized maintenance kit for the 787 aircraft.

It’s Time to Make Astro your Source for Crimp Tools and Accessories
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