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Who We Are

Astro Tool is proud to engineer and manufacture its products in the USA. From our manufacturing facility located just outside of Portland, Oregon, our tools go from concept, to design, to build all in one facility. We are proud to be a successful manufacturing company that has continued to build our products within the USA, guaranteeing the best quality tools for your trade.

Values Statement

Accountability. Astro Tool accepts personal accountability for our commitments, actions and the words we speak. We set high expectations and clear goals, and then hold ourselves responsible for their achievement.

Support. We pledge support to each other with our time, assistance and constructive advice. This extends beyond Astro Tool employees, to our customers, suppliers, and the community in which we live and work. We commit to a sense of urgency in all that we undertake and achieve.

Teamwork. We recognize that great accomplishments are only possible through the shared work and responsibility of an effective team. We acknowledge the accomplishments of individuals but celebrate the accomplishments of our team. We are integral partners, working with our colleagues, customers and suppliers to generate innovative ideas that solve connection problems.

Respect. We pledge to conduct ourselves and our business with respect for other opinions, culture and business practices, with high and uncompromising standards of ethical conduct.

Outstanding. We believe that a company can prosper only by providing outstanding products, quality, service and value to its customers and suppliers. It can survive only by providing an outstanding environment for employees to work, learn and grow.

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